The recipe of the Cici flavour which can not be imitated: 
   Delicious tastes where sugar has been added with the intention of love…

The foundations of the Cici brand were launched in 1927 in the town of Eskisehir, during a time when confectionary completely relied on hand labour. Transforming from a small workshop to today's facilities equipped with new generation automated systems, through skill, hard work and following innovation, the Cici brand has a range of products in the chocolate, candy, cake and jelly sweets groups.

The Cici brand which has gained the affection of Turkish people and people worldwide with all their products and has become a leader in the industry, owes its success to the "Don't buy, make or sell a product you want eat yourself" principle. The most exclusive characteristic which sets aside the Cici brand in the industry is the fact that they have incorporated innovation and excitement to their old and well established history.

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