The foundations of the Cici brand were launched in 1927 in the town of Eskisehir, during a time when confectionary completely relied on hand labour.  Transforming from a small workshop to today's facilities equipped with new generation automated systems, through skill, hard work and following innovation, the Cici brand has a range of products in the chocolate, candy, cake and jelly sweets groups.

The Cici brand which has gained the affection of Turkish people and people worldwide with all their products and has become a leader in the industry, owes its success to the "Don't buy, make or sell a product you want eat yourself" principle. The most exclusive characteristic which sets aside the Cici brand in the industry is the fact that they have incorporated innovation and excitement to their old and well established history.

The story of the Cici brand, which started off as a small workshop producing confectionary, halva, Turkish delight and jam and today has facilities equipped with modern machinery, is full of major developments and exciting changes.  The delicious sweets produced by the skilled confectionery manufacturing family as soon as they immigrated from Isparta's Şakirağaç town to Eskişehir's Sivrihisar town, earned them fame and the nickname "Candy People". In the years when confectionary and halva making completely relied on hand labour, the Candy People added the desire to work non-stop and the sense of trust they had in the future to their talents.

The Candy People, who continued production in Sivrihisar until 1950, opened a workshop in Eskişehir in the same year. 

As a result of their determination and hard work the Candy People took a big step in 1964 by equipping their workshop with modern machinery.

The Cici brand that opened new and modern facilities in 1970, created a large demand with the new products it introduced to the market place.  During this time where radical changes and developments followed one another Cici brand's awareness increased considerably with the great demand each new brand received. 

The Cici brand reached a cornerstone by adding strength to their existence in 1976.  The period where many wholesale customers in Turkey became partners with the Cici brand and the brand was introduced to the public.

In 1982 Cici Chocolate moved to the magnificent facilities in Eskişehir Organised Industrial Zone, which is their current production site 

In 1999 the Cici brand which increased its production capacity by four, continued its production in a huge facility of 53,000 square meters including a closed area of 38,000 square meters.

In 2001 Cici, which made a name for itself in the production of candy, chocolate, chocolate products, cocoa, candy bars and cakes, became one of the leading companies in Turkey by making a large investment in the brand.

Cici has documented its high quality production by acquiring the ISO 9001 Quality Assurance System certificate, registered compliant by BVQI (Breau Veritas Quality International) on 11.09.2001 and the ISO 9001 Quality Assurance System Installation project which was launched on 22.05.2000, in order to implement a quality system which is accepted in a globalising world. 

Cici, aiming to be permanent and achieve sustainable growth and profitability, continues to work by making innovation a part of the culture and management approach in all business areas.  

Cici, continuing production at top speed of cake, jelly sweets, chocolate and assorted sweets at the 38,000 square metre indoor area equipped with new generation systems, provides Cici fans and customers with delicious and tasty products, where sugar has been added with the intention of love, in high quality packaging, as it did since opening in 1927.

Continuing to increase the quality and tradition of flavour from the past with each day, Cici Chocolate speeded up their investments in 2011 by opening a soft jelly candy facility fully equipped with the most advanced technology. 

Continuing their investments in 2012 by adding modern cake (cupcake) production facilities to their production lines, Cici established a wide product range in the cake assortment.  Cici Chocolate is taking confident steps towards achieving their goals with its new generation facilities and dynamic team. 


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