To create an exemplary company identity which respects the law, environment, ethics and human values,
To create an organisation that everyone dreams to be a part of, in a balance of happy employees + happy customers + happy shareholders,
To develop a market and customer-oriented perspective by monitoring the current and future effects of industry trends and dynamics,
To create a different new and diversity by embracing innovation management and growth which allows to think beyond he boundaries of the industry and market,
To claim our place as a leader both nationally and globally through our successful endeavours and awareness of our responsibilities,


"We never forget that our customers' trust is our most important capital. Even if you produce the worlds’ most delicious and high quality product, you will not be regarded as successful if you can not meet the needs and expectations of your customers." Based on this principle, Cici's customer satisfaction policy is to produce quality and tasty products in hygienic conditions which our customers will love, a product that meets the expectations and desires of their customers, which will bring joy to them.
Cici with an understanding of customer focused marketing is aware that the only way to improve the quality of customer satisfaction is through customer expectations. As a result of Cici's long-term market research new products are produced and existing products are improved in light of our customers' feedback.


Cici Chocolate has based its existence on growing together with its consumers and suppliers, establishing a food quality and safety culture in order to maintain continuous development, develop products in accordance with the changing market and consumer needs, to be the preferred brand and gain customer loyalty as well as increase reliability and productivity with their employees. Our goal is to be a law-abiding, ethical company, respectful to the environment and nature, carefully selecting and evaluating our human resources, using the latest and developing technologies, a company which is high in quality, developing products that exceed consumer expectations and a company which delivers the product to a wide consumer audience at the right price.


Our objective is to increase profit and productivity together with our employees, to provide the highest level of service to the human health for both for its consumer and supplier, produce hygienic and reliable products and by doing so becoming a world brand through integrating with our consumers. Within the framework of the law Cici Chocolate Industry and Trade Inc. is committed to continuously improve the necessities of food safety as needed for consumers and public authorities, and to ensure the complete and accurate application of the food safety system from the preparation of the raw materials right up to and including the storage of the product for distribution by adopting the concept of "Quality Assurance".

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