When meeting Cici fans again with our new and old products we wanted to face you with our brand new logo. When preparing our logo we aimed to preserve our old traditional and master of flavours structure and to collate today's contemporary, modern style with the old styles.
The background of our logo, which was oval in the past, has been renovated with today's modern style and re-created with a different design. With rounded lines on three sides, an approach that is more protective of the traditional structure and makes you feel continuation, only one corner has been left aimed to present today's modern style. With the smiley cuteness of the letter "c" and the dynamic liveliness of the letter "i" we wanted to create a beautiful harmony. The coexistence of the old and new lines can be seen by the use of the base of the old logo as dots on the letter "i".
To emphasise the fact that our company is as old as our Republic, instead of the burgundy colour previously used, it was decided that the red of our Turkish Flag be used. We wanted to reflect to the meaning of "Cici" to you with our new design. Our intention is to reflect the cuteness, happiness and dynamism which our appetising brand stands for, along with the vibrancy, lively, energising feeling the crimson red arouses.

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